3 Steps To Being A Smart Northwest RVer

3 Steps To Being A Smart Northwest RVer… If your new to RVing or maybe just looking for some tips to enrich your RV experience. There is a wealth of knowledge out there, but it helps to know where to look for it. We will give you three steps help you find the knowledge you need and make good connections in the RV lifestyle.

Know your Dealership:

This is crucial to understanding the ins and outs of maintaining your RV. There are always details about ownership that are not so apparent at the time of purchase. With anything new, you want to understand your purchase as best you can. The Dealer understands any short falls and can and help you navigate around them. They can also help you to understand some of the benefits you may not see right away. It’s very important to be associated with a dealer that has a full Service shop and Parts department. Service and Maintenance is a big part of owning an RV. You want to make sure you are well informed and surround yourself with an honest advisory so that your RV experience is enjoyable for the long term.

Get informed on the lifestyle:

RVing is a lifestyle and culture of its own, even for those who only do it during the summer. There is a lot of knowledge and avenues to understand when enjoying your new adventure on wheels. There are a number of ways to stay informed on the lifestyle with tech tips, destinations, RV life and travel.

Here are a few below:

Your dealership Newsletter (Valley’s is here www.nwrventure.com)

MHRV puts out a blog at www.northwestrving.com

WA State Parks has Blog called Adventure awaits

Connect with the community of RVers:

Believe it or not you are not alone on the road out there. There is a whole community of RVers that are eager to pass down their wisdom or connect you to the experience of RVing.

A couple great ways to connect are below:

Dealership Facebook

Jayco Owner Forums

Jayco Clubs

Share your Journeys

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