4 Tips To Buying An RV

4 Tips To Buying An RV. Whether you are new to RV ownership or have owned RV’s for years. These tips can help you prepare for buying that new RV in the horizon.

  1. Evaluate if an RV is really a fit for you and your family

You can do this by asking yourself “What are my needs?” then based on those needs try to find an RV that fits. If your needs are comfortable beds with a hot tub maybe an RV is not exactly what you need. But if you like road trips and wilderness camping you’re right on track! After you determine if an RV will work for you then you need to evaluate if there is an RV that will fit all your needs.

  1. What Features will you need? Research RV’s to find what fits.

Now, you need to ask yourself what are the important needs? Do you plan to RV full-time or only during the summer? Do you have kids and need bunks? Do you need or want slides for extra room or entertaining? How many people should it sleep? Etc. If you don’t know what questions to ask, start learning about RV’s by visiting RV shows, RV dealerships and even interviewing current RV owners to get an understanding of what options are available.

  1. Which Type of RV is right for you and your family? New or Used?

RV’s come in different sizes, types and price ranges. You want to pick the type that best suits your goals. If you will be traveling across the country, a motor home may be the best option for you. If you plan to live in it for an extended time, you might be looking at a Fifth Wheel. If you are taking it to RV campgrounds, keep in mind that most campgrounds accommodate roughly 32 feet for space, when some RV’s can be 40 feet or longer. Buying new or used really comes down to how much you will be using it and how much you have to spend. If you plan to only use it a couple times out of the year, you may want to purchase a used RV and save some of that money for the trips. If you want to go all in, then buying new is right for you. You can get a 2 year Warranty from Jayco with an affordable payment plan.

  1. Buy from a credible RV Dealership

A good Dealership can be an invaluable resource (Be careful of those dealers that are not fully answering your questions and just trying to sell you). A good Dealer can explain some of the technical and cultural sides of RVing. They can also help you decide what features would best suit you and your lifestyle. Be sure to go with a dealer that has both a full service shop and a parts store. Its always better to have your rig serviced by the same shop you bought it from. The dealer can also advise you on the best under-coating to protect your rig from the elements. A word of advice…remember to get RV insurance (Shop around to find the best policy) you will be glad you did.

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