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Best Practices For RVing With The Kids

Best practices  for RVing with the kids. Touring  in an RV is a great way for kids to experience all the wonders around them first hand. Taking the family RVing sounds like a dream but the actual preparation can leave your head spinning if you you don’t have a plan of action. So here are a few tips to help you realize that dream.

RVing with kids funMake A Plan and Set Expectations

Teaching your kids organization skills is a lifetime pursuit but when your on the road it is all that more important. Start by creating a plan of where everything will go and who will be responsible for what. Have a family meeting and tell them the game plan for chores and how the trip will play out. Its always good to do some Q and A. By setting expectations your kids feel even more a part of the adventure. Create spaces for the little ones to store their toys, books, or gadgets. Make them responsible for putting these things away when not in use.  Make sure there is a place for everything and everything goes in its place.

Give Everyone Space

With any road trip even in a larger RV, someone will need their own space or personal time. Its a good idea to identify and define what everyone’s needs are for personal space. If the older kids want their own tent for sleeping or if the parents need the younger kids in that back room to with their toys; establish where everyone can be or go.

RVing with kids responsibilitiesGive the Older Kids Responsibilities

Let the older kids pack, watch over their smaller siblings and take responsibility for the pets. You could even assign a navigator assistant to help you with the map or GPS. Don’t just leave them with tasks but support them in their efforts and be available for their needs.

Plan your Fun

Even if your plans get thwarted and you have to come up with another option, having a plan can make the fun easier to attain. Go to National parks, State campgrounds. Check out their kids programs (Usually can be found on their website). Bring bikes for everyone to ride around. If nothing else, movement will keep them busy right? Have coloring books, play doh, puzzles and board games for those rainy days. Oh and yes, a selection of movies may be a good back up plan.

Have Fun Together

The most important part is being together. Sure after a while you may retreat to your own spaces but encourage togetherness:Slow down and let the kids be in awe of the world around them while you enjoy it too. Watch sunsets together, share breakfast in the early light. Count the stars together. Make lots of fires together and roast corn, s’mores or hot dogs. Make memories by being open to what the moment brings you.

Always bring extra blankets, coats, sunscreen and necessary medications. Even a warm day can turn into a chilly night and a cold day skin-damaging sun exposure.

RVing with kids choosing a campgroundChoose a Campsite

Research where your going and know the fees, amenities and particulars of not just the campground but your specific space. Some campgrounds charge a kid tax. Be sure you know this will be a good place for all of you to stay at. What kind of people does the campground cater to? Travelers or families? Does it have a game room or park where kids can play? Does it have a laundry facility? State and National Parks are usually more family friendly. When you arrive feel out the people and the layout so you can be aware of boundaries to set with your kids and what freedoms they can enjoy.

Things to Remember:

• If in a Motorhome and on the road, make sure everyone buckles up

• Always bring a door mat (Something heavy duty). Mud and dirt will be your biggest adversary

• Have a mini broom on hand

• Always have extra blankets and jackets

• For the young ones bring a baby monitor, baby fence and a baby gate

• Bring glow sticks or glow bracelets for fun in the evenings

• Bring a large supply of wood skewers for hot dogs and cooking things over the fire (The kids will love it!)

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