Grilled Holiday Turkey Recipe

Grilled Holiday Turkey Recipe

Well, we just finished with Thanksgiving. Maybe you missed out on the Turkey extravaganza or you’re planning a turkey feast for the Christmas Holiday. Whatever the plan, we have a bit of a twist to the traditional Turkey recipe if you’re seeking a flavorful and unique option. Here is the Norman Family Grilled Turkey recipe.

What you will need

1 20lb. Turkey

1 boxes Stove top Cornbread stuffing

1 Yellow Onion

1 Cans whole Cranberries

1 Cans sliced black olives

1 Bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon (If you prefer not to use wine use 100% cranberry juice)

1 Clove of garlic

1 small ginger root

Black Pepper

Sea salt

Italian Seasoning (McCormick makes a great Italian seasoning with Oregano, marjoram, thyme, basil, sage and rosemary)


Flavor: Slice the garlic, ginger and onion. Then make the stuffing mix. Open one can of whole cranberries and sliced black olives. Put stuffing, cranberries, sliced garlic, onion, ginger and black olives into one bowl. Mix it until it’s evenly mixed.

Turkey: Make sure the turkey is thawed, cleaned and ready for cooking (Don’t forget to take out the giblets and necks). Put the turkey in a deep casserole or Dutch oven pan (Preferably Cast Iron or Stainless steel). Pour half the bottle of Cabernet over the turkey and inside the hole of the turkey. Stuff the bird with the stuffing mix you just prepared. Then sprinkle some sea salt, black pepper and Italian seasoning over the top of the turkey (You can’t really over do the spices as the juices will run off the turkey).

Fire: The fire is the second key to the flavor. You can do this in a BBQ grill or out in the field. Whatever you choose, you must make sure the turkey stays covered so that all the juices remain with the turkey. Set the fire. I like to use wood or mesquite as it gives a great flavor to the meat (I’m a poet and didn’t even know it!). Then I cover the turkey with a cast iron lid. If you’re cooking on a BBQ grill that is big enough, close the grill cover as well. Cook the bird for 4 hours checking on it every hour to make sure it is not burning and that it’s getting sufficient heat. When the meat is not pink or falling away from the bone it’s done.

We hope this is as great a recipe for your family as it has blessed us this year.

Have a great Holiday!

Written by: Robert Norman

Is My RV Loan Tax Deductible?

Is My RV Loan Tax Deductible?

Its tax time again and we all have that lingering question… Is it deductible?

Surprisingly, RV’s can be considered a second home and therefore are tax deductible.


We recommend you consult a tax expert before making any tax decisions.

Does your RV qualify to be tax deductible?

An RV or mobile home loan  is considered to be tax deductible as a second home if it meets three basic requirements.

-Does it have sleeping facilities?

-Does it have cooking facilities?

-Does it have toilet facilities?


According to the IRS…

“A second home can include any other residence you own and choose to treat as a second home. You don’t have to use the home during the year. However, if you rent it to others, you must also use it as a home during the year for more than the greater of 14 days or 10 percent of the number of days you rent it, for the interest to qualify as qualified residence interest.”

“Qualified mortgage interest includes interest and points you pay on a loan secured by your main home or a second home. Your main home is where you live most of the time, such as a house, cooperative apartment, condominium, mobile home, house trailer, or houseboat. It must have sleeping, cooking, and toilet facilities. You can also treat amounts you paid during 2016 for qualified mortgage insurance as home mortgage interest. The insurance must be in connection with home acquisition debt, and the insurance contract must have been issued after 2006.”

IRS Links:

Written by: Robert Norman

3 Steps To Being A Smart Northwest RVer

3 Steps To Being A Smart Northwest RVer

If your new to RVing or maybe just looking for some tips to enrich your RV experience. There is a wealth of knowledge out there, but it helps to know where to look for it. We will give you three steps help you find the knowledge you need and make good connections in the RV lifestyle.

Know your Dealership:

This is crucial to understanding the ins and outs of maintaining your RV. There are always details about ownership that are not so apparent at the time of purchase. With anything new, you want to understand your purchase as best you can. The Dealer understands any short falls and can and help you navigate around them. They can also help you to understand some of the benefits you may not see right away. It’s very important to be associated with a dealer that has a full Service shop and Parts department. Service and Maintenance is a big part of owning an RV. You want to make sure you are well informed and surround yourself with an honest advisory so that your RV experience is enjoyable for the long term.

Get informed on the lifestyle:

RVing is a lifestyle and culture of its own, even for those who only do it during the summer. There is a lot of knowledge and avenues to understand when enjoying your new adventure on wheels. There are a number of ways to stay informed on the lifestyle with tech tips, destinations, RV life and travel.

Here are a few below:

Your dealership Newsletter (Valley’s is here

MHRV puts out a blog at

WA State Parks has Blog called Adventure awaits

Connect with the community of RVers:

Believe it or not you are not alone on the road out there. There is a whole community of RVers that are eager to pass down their wisdom or connect you to the experience of RVing.

A couple great ways to connect are below:

Dealership Facebook

Jayco Owner Forums

Jayco Clubs

Share your Journeys

Written by: Robert Norman

4 Tips To Buying An RV

4 Tips To Buying An RV

Whether you are new to RV ownership or have owned RV’s for years. These tips can help you prepare for buying that new RV in the horizon.

  1. Evaluate if an RV is really a fit for you and your family

You can do this by asking yourself “What are my needs?” then based on those needs try to find an RV that fits. If your needs are comfortable beds with a hot tub maybe an RV is not exactly what you need. But if you like road trips and wilderness camping you’re right on track! After you determine if an RV will work for you then you need to evaluate if there is an RV that will fit all your needs.

  1. What Features will you need? Research RV’s to find what fits.

Now, you need to ask yourself what are the important needs? Do you plan to RV full-time or only during the summer? Do you have kids and need bunks? Do you need or want slides for extra room or entertaining? How many people should it sleep? Etc. If you don’t know what questions to ask, start learning about RV’s by visiting RV shows, RV dealerships and even interviewing current RV owners to get an understanding of what options are available.

  1. Which Type of RV is right for you and your family? New or Used?

RV’s come in different sizes, types and price ranges. You want to pick the type that best suits your goals. If you will be traveling across the country, a motor home may be the best option for you. If you plan to live in it for an extended time, you might be looking at a Fifth Wheel. If you are taking it to RV campgrounds, keep in mind that most campgrounds accommodate roughly 32 feet for space, when some RV’s can be 40 feet or longer. Buying new or used really comes down to how much you will be using it and how much you have to spend. If you plan to only use it a couple times out of the year, you may want to purchase a used RV and save some of that money for the trips. If you want to go all in, then buying new is right for you. You can get a 2 year Warranty from Jayco with an affordable payment plan.

  1. Buy from a credible RV Dealership

A good Dealership can be an invaluable resource (Be careful of those dealers that are not fully answering your questions and just trying to sell you). A good Dealer can explain some of the technical and cultural sides of RVing. They can also help you decide what features would best suit you and your lifestyle. Be sure to go with a dealer that has both a full service shop and a parts store. Its always better to have your rig serviced by the same shop you bought it from. The dealer can also advise you on the best under-coating to protect your rig from the elements. A word of advice…remember to get RV insurance (Shop around to find the best policy) you will be glad you did.

Edited by: Robert Norman

Dutch Oven Style Carne Asada Fries

Dutch Oven Style Carne Asada Fries

If you want a fun and easy recipe for those nights by the fire. You can’t go wrong with Carne Asada Fries Dutch Oven style. This is a family favorite and you can be sure the kids will ask for this over and over!


-Marinated Carne Asada

-2 bottles of Modelo Mexican Cerveza (If you have a sensitivity to beer you can use ginger ale)

-Johnny’s seasoning salt

-Black Pepper

-Queso Fresco (Fresh Cheese)

-Heat and Ready French Fries (In your frozen food isle)


-Fresh Pico de Gallo

Marinate your Carne Asada over night in beer or lemonade (The citrus or alcohol will help tenderize the meat). Add Johnny’s seasoning and black pepper to the marinade. When you are ready to cook, grill your meat first over the fire or BBQ and use your dutch oven to heat up the french fries. When fries are lightly golden add your meat over top the fries then crumble queso over top the fries and meat. Then close up the dutch oven and let it heat for 10. Cover until cheese has melted then serve on plates or bowls and add your fresh Jalapenos and Pico to the top. The last step is… enjoy!

Edited by: Robert Norman

RV Must Have Accessories

RV Must Have Accessories

Accessories sound like an after thought but these “Must Have” accessories you will not want to be caught out on the road with out them. It is always good to be prepared when venturing out on your new journey.


*Surge Protector by Surge Guard

30 Amp $119.99 (Available in our Parts Department)

50 Amp $154.49 (Available in our Parts Department)

This is a necessity to protect your RV’s electrical equipment. If you are hooking up at a campground you may never know exactly how much power your going to get or if the lines will supply a consistent stream of electricity. With power surges you could end up with blown fuses or even overload your appliances.



*Redline Nebo Flashlight

These LED flashlights are great in emergencies or for everyday use. Solid construction and built to last.

Twyst $39.99 (Available in our Parts Department)

Great for emergencies fixes

Blast $39.99 with 1400 Lumens (Available in our Parts Department)

Multi-use and roadside emergency strobe


*Rhino Blaster by Camco

$29.49 (Available in our Parts Department)

A must for black tank dumping and flushing.

  • Direct jet allows water stream to rinse and flush RV sewer systems
  • Rhino Blaster Pro Tank Rinser securely attached to RV sewer outlet via bayonet swivel fitting
  • Gate valve prevents backflow into sewer hose
  • Vacuum breaker prevents backflow into water hose
  • Clear 45 degree elbow allows direct flow of water into sewer system


Edited by: Robert Norman

Keeping your RV Theft Proof

Keeping your RV Theft Proof

Its the summer time. You and the family have been preparing for a wonderful week long trip. The RV is out of storage, serviced and all cleaned up. The kids are packed, has all his squeaky toys and you are on your journey but don’t forget the most important thing… Keep your RV Locked up!

Its unfortunate that we have to think about such a subject as theft but the reality is, it does happen. Theft can be a real problem for you and your vacation, but if you take some precautions and learn a few tips you can avoid it all together.

A simple rule is to always lock your doors and windows. Close all your compartment doors and lock them before you leave. It may even be a good idea to put a lock on your Travel Trailer Hitch or Fifth Wheel Hitch. Some RV’s have been known to float away while their owners are enjoying the sites. Remember that thieves always look for the easiest target. If you make it hard for them, the more secure you are.

  • 12 Volt Battery Lock

    Tip: Most Motorhomes and trailers come with a universal key lock for the compartment doors. To be more secure, plan to change the compartment locks with a custom key.

Anything that is an outside accessory, use a cable and lock to keep it secure. This can be used on tables, chairs, BBQ grills, generators, bicycles and etc. Another great security tool is the 12 Volt Battery Lock (Sold in our Parts Department). This will keep your Battery safe and secure while your away.



Edited by: Robert Norman

The Woman Behind The Jayco Jay Flight

The Woman Behind The Jayco Jay Flight

Jayco Interviews Amy Duthie, Senior Director of Product Development for Jay Flight Travel Trailers. In May, Jayco got up close and personal with Amy to see what makes a successful woman like her tick. The Jay Flight has been the number 1 selling travel trailer for 10 years in a row and Amy has been at the helm for 12 years overseeing its development. Let’s see what Amy has to say.

Click below:

Jayco Interview with Amy Duthrie


Tips To Keep Your RV Cool This Summer

Tips To Keep Your RV Cool This Summer

Washington is now well into the Summer season. You know what that means?… its about to heat up! It can be difficult to keep cool in an RV, so we put together a few tips to help you on your journey.

*Plan to park your RV near or in the shade. If you cannot reserve a shady space. Use curtains or cut Reflectix sheets for your windows to deflect the sun (Use only on the sunny side of your coach. You will want to open the windows on the shady or cool side of the RV if you have a shady side).Your awning will also help to offer shade.

*Use an RV Vent Insulator for those vents that are allowing heat to enter into the RV. Or replace those vents with an Fantastic Fan. The Fantastic fan is a high output fan that takes up minimal power and allows cool air into your coach. You can purchase these in our Parts department.

*Use a Windshield cover in your Motorhome. This is made of reflective material and will keep the sun out.If your going to cook…cook outdoors and keep the heat out of your RV.

*If your going to cook…cook outside! Keep the heat out of the RV by doing all your cooking outdoors with a portable BBQ grill. You may already have one if you own a Jayco but if you need to purchase one there are cheap options at your hardware store. You can always purchase one in our Parts Department.

Edited by: Robert Norman

Top 5 Myths about RVing

Top 5 Myths about RVing

RV’s are expensive. Some say that RV’s are only for the rich or retired… On the other hand, depending on what you want to do… you can buy a tent trailer brand new with a 2 Year Warranty which can run you for less than the price of a compact car. (On a good day we have sold pre-owned tent trailers for roughly a few thousand dollars.) Keep in mind there are many financing options which can extend the term of your loan to fit your situation and get you into a monthly payment that is super affordable (Depending on your credit). Of course there are more expensive options but I just want to illustrate how affordable it really is. A good rule is to stay connected to your local dealer so you can be aware of any great discounts and special pricing.

RVing is only for empty-nesters and retirees. Actually,  younger people are starting to see RVing as a viable hobby and lifestyle. For instance, with the advent of internet jobs, people today are more able to travel and work remotely. The RV consumer is getting younger and younger every year. You can get a tent trailer and rough it in the woods or you can buy a class A and travel the country. It offers the flexibility for all ages and lifestyles. Young adults are able to share in the adventure of RVing without having to hitch a ride.

RV’s are hard to drive and some of them you need a license for. Well, the only license you need is the license to have fun (At least this is true in WA State)! With so many options now for better hitching and Motorhome drive-ability, driving is made easy. Especially with the Greyhawk Class C Motorhome from Jayco, which has been deemed the smoothest riding class C on the market.


RV’s cannot be taken everywhere.  It really depends on what you are using and where you are going. There is an RV for almost every trip. There are off the grid off-roaders, all season coaches for different climates, luxurious fifth wheels for those who like glamping, small motorhomes for inner city driving, bigger motorhomes for extended stays and of course your classic camping trailer for camping in the rough.

You need to be an RV expert to really enjoy RVing. I see it all the time. People with almost no experience taking an RV out on a trip. Although, I would suggest learning about your RV specifically and what its features are. The RV lifestyle can be learned through forums, RVing travel clubs and your local RV dealer. Most people in the RVing community want to be helpful and pass on the knowledge they have obtained. So remember, you’re not alone. Relax… and learn as you go.

 If you have any questions, give us a call at 1-800-GO-JAYCO

Edited by: Robert Norman