How to get your RV unstuck

How To Get Your RV Unstuck

How to get your RV unstuck. I will share my story…

It was my first time taking an RV to a beach setting. The whole family wanted to ride horses on the beach and so I called the company that does the horseback riding. The lady on the phone said that I could drive the RV right onto the beach and that she had her horse trailers there, so it was safe. I trusted she knew what she was talking about. Well, an hour later and $250 later, we are getting towed out by two trucks. My word of caution is, Sand and RV’s don’t mix, but if for some reason your get stuck in the sand, here are a few tips that may help.

Know Your Path

The first step is to know what type of ground your going to be driving on. If you need to, do some research, if the research is not helpful make sure you get out and physically walk your destination before driving onto it. If the ground is soft or you’re unsure if its good for your RV, don’t tread! Always choose the sure path.

In Sand

Letting some air out of your tires may help. Letting a little air out of your tires can compress more of the rubber to the surface area of the path resulting in better traction (Don’t let out too much air that your riding on the rims, this may cause damage and bigger problem for you).Letting some air out may give you just enough traction to get loose. When you return to the solid road way you will need to put the air back in your tires.  Another tip that I have heard but have not tested is; pour a couple gallons of water under the tires. It is said that the water will compact the sand and may give more traction.

In Mud

Well, one thing works for Muddy surfaces… . If you get stuck in the mud you will need to use something to put under your tire or on your tire to gain traction like tire chains, traction mats or even leveling blocks. In a pinch you can be creative and use 2 x 4  pieces of wood or pieces of carpet to put under the tire.

When stuck in mud or sand try to accelerate slowly straight forward then try backward. The point is to gain enough momentum to get out of the hole. If you can, try to use the very lowest gear. Slow and steady is the cure (For four wheel drive, turn the wheels back and forth to try and gain traction while accelerating slowly).

Use Tools & Resources

A winch or tow straps can be helpful in pulling you out of the jam. Try using plywood, planks of wood, leveling blocks, debris or anything that will help get under your tires and give it traction. If you don’t have anything that will help, look for people around you that may have some of these tools.

The best rule is to know your path and don’t tread where you even think there may be a traction issue; but if you do get stuck, we hope these tips will help in a jam.

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