How to Maintain your RV Bearings

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How to Maintain your RV Bearings

Question: I just bought my Jay Flight Travel Trailer last year and a friend told me I should grease the bearings; is this true? If so, how often should I grease them?

Great question! To Grease or not to Grease? Repack or Replace? That is the question…

Jayco suggests to repack the bearings once a year or every 5,000 Miles for a Travel Trailer.

When the unit is in storage or at rest, condensation or corrosion can occur. Over time, grease will also break down and the heat from braking will hurry that process along. The bearings will make a squealing sound then a grinding sound before they go out. If you hear sounds that are unusual you will definitely want to have your RV checked at your local Service shop. Making sure your Trailer is well lubricated is essential to a safe drive (There is a lot of weight riding around on those wheels) and maintaining your bearings properly will cost you less in the long run. Repacking the bearings can revitalize the wheels and get you back on the road.

Now, I have heard some guys say to just squirt a little grease in there and you’re good to go. Not true. Where does the grease go? Eventually, the grease will need to push through the seal and end up all over your brakes and axle which can be a very dangerous situation. Grease and stopping are not a good combination. It is always best to bring your RV in for its scheduled maintenance (See your Owner’s manual). This will keep your Warranty in good standing and you can rest knowing the job was done right.

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