How To Rid Ants From Your RV

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 For some of us the idea of ridding ants is a hopeless journey. I am here to tell you that there is a solution and if you listen to these few tips you can remedy your ant issue for good.

Be Clean:

How To Rid Ants From Your RV. Ants are coming because they found a place that serves snacks. If you clean your RV of any debris or food they will not have a reason to enter. Also, Ants leave a scented trail behind them to lead the nest to the food, so you want to make sure that scented trail is cleaned up as well. The best cleaner for the job is good O’l Pine Sol. Pine Sol will disinfect and clean any scent left behind.

Seal Your RV Well:

Although, ants can almost always find way to get to their food source; creating barriers can block out the food scent and make it that more difficult for them to enter. Use silicone (Found in any hardware store) to seal any seams on the inside around cabinets appliances and shower. Use Dicor (Found in our Parts Department) to seal around the exterior seams like fender-skirts, roof attachments, caps and the like.

Ant Killer

Two words…Diatomaceous Earth (Food grade). This is a bug killer used in agriculture that is non toxic and food grade. It is actually a break down of earth and fossil in a powder form and completely edible. See, its not anything chemical that kills the ant its that the structure of the powder that is lethal. DE is sharp and rocky in its molecular structure and when a ant moves across it the powder adheres to the ant and cuts his body. So this powder damages the ant and kills it. It also absorbs moisture from the ants exoskeleton (DE is primarily made of silica) causing them to dehydrate and die. However, to animals and humans we can eat (Make sure it is food grade) this stuff all day (And to my surprise, we already do. Its in most of the grains we eat). Some people eat DE regularly and claim it cleans their colon and prolongs life. Well, I’ll just start with trying to get of the ants.

To use DE you can apply it across the pathways that the ants use and even go as far to circling it around the nest. since it is food safe, you can place it anywhere where ants are entering or exiting your RV. You want to keep the powder dry otherwise it becomes ineffective.

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