How To Rid Mice From Your RV

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How To Rid Mice From Your RV. Understand that the methods for keeping mice away from your residence may not work the same with your RV, you may need to be a little more creative. The reason is that there are many parts under an RV and some of the components are exposed or open for functionality.

Though there are many remedies out there, you will need three main elements to gain leverage with a mouse infestation. Be clean, create physical barriers and use scents and sounds.

Be Clean      

This is the most effective tool. Mice will go where the food is. If you cancel out your RV as a place for them to snack, they will leave. Clean up messes, leave no crumbs behind and make sure all food is sealed in air tight metal or glass containers.

Wood Stripping Steel Wool

Physical Barriers

The number two best way to get rid of mice is by sealing up your coach. Physical barriers will discourage the mice from entering. What is the best barrier to keep mice out? Hands down, the best barrier is plain old steel wool (The wood stripping steel wool not the pots and pans cleaning wool). Mice will not chew through steel wool. This can be purchased at any hardware store.

The best way to apply the wool is to plug up any holes or areas where the mice enter with the wool and then seal that area off. Then on the outside of your RV, try to see how the mouse entered. If you can find any holes or nooks where they entered, plug it up with the steel wool as well.

Using Smells and Noises

Some of the most common scents to use are Irish Spring Bar Soap, peppermint oil, mothballs and pine needle oil or spray. These scents can be placed strategically around your coach to ward off  pests. Keep in mind that scents are just a deterrent and mice are crafty. You need to make sure the scent is fresh, potent, well placed and that you follow up with a physical barrier.

In addition, ultrasonic devices can be another weapon in your arsenal to ward off mice.  In order for the ultrasonic sound to repel the rodent, these devices will need to be placed strategically in multiple areas because they cannot penetrate walls and can only be effective up to a small area. These should be placed in the areas where the mice like to enter.

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