Let’s Go to the Shores!

Let’s Go to the Shores. My brother-in-law has been inviting us to his small property in Ocean Shores for the past couple years. With a busy Seattle city life its hard to find that time to set up camp.There is always something that comes up and we don’t end up going. But this year we made the time.

Photo: oceanshores.com

Photo: oceanshores.com

The property is humble (Maybe a quarter of an acre) and nestled in a residential patch adjacent to winding waterway with a broken dock leading into the water. When we arrived, there was a picnic bench, a small shed, a couple lawn chairs and lots of foliage. We spent the morning clearing the property and setting up. It was great to have the only obligation be waving a machete around.

My wife, my 9 year old son and my father-in-law accompanied us with my brother-in-law. The five of us made quick work clearing the lot and we were ready to rest. As we sit by the bonfire with Citronella Tiki torches, we notice deer strolling all around the property looking for food; while keeping their eye on us; they seem to be un-bothered that we have set up shop. No bucks were present just some doe with their young.

No schedule, no work, no appointments to run to, we take a deep breathe and soaked it all in. We watched the waterway and notice ripples echoing outward. The only sound were small splashes from a young couple floating past us and down the waterway on a canoe. No airplanes over head, no traffic ;this is just what we needed.

We enjoyed being on the property so much we didn’t even make it to the ocean which was only a couple blocks away.

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