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RV De-Winterization Basics

RV De-Winterization Basics:

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The cold has left us and Spring is bringing in new warmth and colorful foliage. I am sure you are excited to get that RV out of storage and on the road for another adventure. We’re going to give some RV de-winterization hints to help you prepare for your next trip!

RV De-winterization basicsFlush the Anti Freeze

First, we need to flush all the non-toxic anti-freeze from the coach. The best way to do this is flush the water out by running fresh water through your system. You can do this by hooking up to city water or using your  fresh water holding tank and pump. Open all your hot and cold faucets and run water through until the water pours out clear. Any remaining anti-freeze will be poured into the holding tanks. Then empty your holding tanks (If you are not using non toxic anti-freeze you may want to pour it into a large container to have it disposed of appropriately). If you don’t have a bypass kit on your water heater you’ll have to drain the antifreeze from the water heater too.

 Flush the Water Pump

If you need to remove the antifreeze from the water pump, just add fresh water to the fresh water holding tank, turn on the pump and open up all the faucets. Run water through the faucets until it comes out clear and then turn the pump off.

Flush the Water Heater

Now, turn off the bypass on the water heater and fasten your water hose up to the city water fill. Turn the water on and turn on all hot and cold water faucets (Don’t forget the outside shower). Run the water through the system. It should take a few minutes to fill the water heater tank and then water should flow out your hot water faucets.

Fresh water tank sanitizerSanitizing the System

Sanitizing the water system will help remove any unwanted bacteria after you have flushed the system. We recommend Fresh Water Tank Sanitizer by Thetford. This can be found in your local RV parts store. Just follow the directions on the box and your ready to go!

Well, we discussed flushing the anti-freeze from the entire water system, flushing the water pump and (If needed) flushing the water heater. We hope these simple tips will help you get ready for your next RV journey!

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