RV Must Have Accessories

RV Must Have Accessories. Accessories sound like an after thought but these “Must Have” accessories you will not want to be caught out on the road with out. It is always good to be prepared when venturing out on your new journey.


*Surge Protector by Surge Guard

30 Amp $119.99 (Available in our Parts Department)

50 Amp $154.49 (Available in our Parts Department)

This is a necessity to protect your RV’s electrical equipment. If you are hooking up at a campground you may never know exactly how much power your going to get or if the lines will supply a consistent stream of electricity. With power surges you could end up with blown fuses or even overload your appliances.



*Redline Nebo Flashlight

These LED flashlights are great in emergencies or for everyday use. Solid construction and built to last.

Twyst $39.99 (Available in our Parts Department)

Great for emergencies fixes

Blast $39.99 with 1400 Lumens (Available in our Parts Department)

Multi-use and roadside emergency strobe


*Rhino Blaster by Camco

$29.49 (Available in our Parts Department)

A must for black tank dumping and flushing.

  • Direct jet allows water stream to rinse and flush RV sewer systems
  • Rhino Blaster Pro Tank Rinser securely attached to RV sewer outlet via bayonet swivel fitting
  • Gate valve prevents backflow into sewer hose
  • Vacuum breaker prevents backflow into water hose
  • Clear 45 degree elbow allows direct flow of water into sewer system


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