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RV Seams and Sealant

Maintaining Your RV Exterior Seams

Maintainig your RV exterior Seams: Well summer is here and if you didn’t get a chance to inspect your RV exterior seams, you may want to do it before heading out to your next destination. Why? If your seams have gaps or cracking you could end up with a leak which could cause damage or ruin your adventure. Water damage…

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Jayco ready for spring

RV De-Winterization Basics

RV De-Winterization Basics: The cold has left us and Spring is bringing in new warmth and colorful foliage. I am sure you are excited to get that RV out of storage and on the road for another adventure. We’re going to give some RV de-winterization hints to help you prepare for your next trip! Flush the Anti Freeze First, we need…

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What is the yearly maintenance recommended by Jayco?

Yearly Recommended Maintenance On An RV Trailer?

What is the yearly maintenance recommended by Jayco? Yearly Recommended Maintenance On An RV Trailer… To make your RV ownership more enjoyable, its best to establish a maintenance schedule for your RV. That way, when you are ready to go play you have no worries and more importantly, no surprises. What we have done here at Valley is created a Yearly…

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Winter RV Battery Care

  Winter RV Battery Care… There is really only one main cause for battery failure…sulfation. And there are two main reasons why sulfation occurs; that is overcharging and undercharging your battery. Understanding the charging needs of your RV battery will help you extend its life and save you money. Sulfation Sulfation is when sulfate crystals build up on the plates…

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Should I Use Weight Distribution For My RV?

Should I Use Weight Distribution For My RV? The answer to whether you should use weight distribution or not is almost always a resounding yes. RV’ers have been using weight distribution for a long time now and the quality of hitches are only getting better. There are just too many reasons for why you should use weight distribution as opposed…

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The Annual RV Winterization Seminar

  The Annual RV Winterization Seminar. It’s that time of year again when the leaves are turning and the weather is cooling off. It’s getting close to the time when you need to think about properly storing your RV for the winter season.   You are invited to our annual winterizing seminar where you will learn that winterizing your RV is…

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How To Rid Mice From Your RV

How To Rid Mice From Your RV. Understand that the methods for keeping mice away from your residence may not work the same with your RV, you may need to be a little more creative. The reason is that there are many parts under an RV and some of the components are exposed or open for functionality. Though there are…

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How To Maintain Your RV Exterior

How to Maintain your RV Exterior. To some, washing their RV may seem like a trivial maintenance item in comparison to getting it winterzed or checking the bearings, but keeping your rig clean is just as important to keeping your RV in top condition. Your RV is a big investment. Maintaining your RV exterior is crucial element to extending its…

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How to Maintain your RV Bearings

How to Maintain your RV Bearings Question: I just bought my Jay Flight Travel Trailer last year and a friend told me I should grease the bearings; is this true? If so, how often should I grease them? Great question! To Grease or not to Grease? Repack or Replace? That is the question… Jayco suggests to repack the bearings once…

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10 Tips to Ready your RV for Spring!

Click Below to send us a Question! 10 Tips to Ready your RV for Spring! The smell of fresh cut grass, the sounds of children at play and of course the anticipation of your next RV Trip takes the stage. You want to make sure your RV is in great shape for your first adventure of the season. Below are…

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