Using RV Tire Blocks the Right Way


Using RV Tire Blocks the Right Way. RVers use Tire Blocking to keep their RV level. There will be times at the RV Park or in rough terrain where your unit will be on a slope and the only way to keep your RV level is by using Tire Blocking. Even your jacks will not fully be able to get you level in these situations. If you haven’t used Tire blocks already, at some point you will because its really important for your RV to sit right. Setting your RV level will keep the refrigerator working properly and keep your dinner plate from sliding off the table.

There is a correct way to use Tire Blocks. If Tire Blocking is not done correctly, it can cause permanent damage to your RV tires and can also lead to a tire malfunction on the road. Most RV’s (And most automobiles) are equipped with radial tires. That means that the tire has steel wires in the rubber to give it more durability. Although, when you are blocking a radial tire, you want to make sure the bottom of the tire is rested completely on the block and is supported by the block. If the block is only supporting a portion of the tire surface it can cause the Steel wires to kink or fracture. Keep in mind you can also use Tire Blocks to keep your jacks from sinking in the sand. Just place the blocks under the jack foot and make sure that the whole surface area of the foot rests on the block.

1. Keep the alignment of force centered on the blocks. Look at the tire, imagine a center line drawn through it and that will also be the center of your block.

2. Make sure the surface (footprint) of the tire is supported by the block.

3. Make sure the tread or sidewall is not pushed in or out but laying normally onto blocks (This will ensure Steel wires are supported correctly).

CAMCO brand Leveling Blocks

CAMCO Leveling Blocks



Leveling Blocks, also called Stacker Blocks, Jack Pads and Stabilizer Pads are available at most RV Parts stores and some Hardware stores. There are a variety of options. You can even build your own custom blocks out of wood if you don’t want to purchase them. Most RVers purchase the red or yellow blocks because they are light weight and easy to store.

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