When Should I Winterize My RV?

When Should I Winterize My RV? Depending on how you use your RV and what the temperature is will determine when you should Winterize. Don’t let the temperatures catch you off guard! Below are few tips for you to gauge the best time to Winterize your rig.

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However, there are few factors you will have to ask yourself:

  1. How do you use your Coach? Do you store it away for the winter? If your coach does not get use in the winter, you should winterize.
  2. How is the temperature outside? If the coach does not get use during the winter and the temperatures are reaching degrees in the late 30’s you should winterize right away (One cold night can ruin your pipes).
  3. Are your pipes protected? Even if you use your coach through the winter season but a portion of your piping are not well insulated, you could end up with a broken pipe somewhere. You should be aware of where all your pipes are and if any portion of your pipes are exposed to the elements.

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