What is the yearly maintenance recommended by Jayco?

Yearly Recommended Maintenance On An RV Trailer?

What is the yearly maintenance recommended by Jayco?

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Yearly Recommended Maintenance On An RV Trailer… To make your RV ownership more enjoyable, its best to establish a maintenance schedule for your RV. That way, when you are ready to go play you have no worries and more importantly, no surprises. What we have done here at Valley is created a Yearly Maintenance Package to take care of your RV and keep it under Warranty with Jayco. Even if your RV is not a Jayco, this package is a great way to keep your coach in great shape.

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Owner’s Manual

Check your owners manual for all the recommended maintenance that is needed to keep your RV under warranty. Take note and make a schedule to have those service  items maintained regularly. Consult you Service shop for helpful hints on maintaining your coach.


When choosing a time to schedule your RV maintenance, you will want to choose a time that is convenient for you and sets you up for your next RVing adventure. But also, keep in mind that RV Service shops are really busy; it can take from two weeks to two months (Depending on the time of year) to get your RV in, worked on and back in your possession. My number one tip would be to plan ahead for servicing your coach and keep in good communication with your Service shop.

Jayco 50 year badgeRecommended Maintenance by Jayco

The maintenance will differ depending on what RV you purchased from Jayco. It is highly recommended that you review your owner’s manual for the particulars. For further assistance consult your local Jayco Service Shop. Click Here is a sample Owner’s manual for you to view:

Yearly Maintenance Package and what it does for your RV:

  • Pack the wheel bearings and replace the seals
  • Clean and adjust the brakes
  • Flush the water system and perform a pressure check for any leaks
  • Perform an LP leak system check
  • Test all appliances
  • Test the batteries and electrical system
  • Torque the A/C bolts

Bearings and Seals

Over time the bearings can get dirty or dry and the seals get worn. Its very important to re-pack the bearings with grease and replace the seals.

Clean and adjust the brakes

We inspect your brakes for any wear or cracking. Then we clean your brakes of all dust and debris that could interfere with braking. Lastly, we check to see if there any adjustments that need to be made. Over time your RV brakes will adjust out of alignment. We adjust them back into their proper alignment for even wear.

Do you have a tech question?Flush the water system and perform a pressure check for any leaks

We clean out and flush your entire water system then pressurize it to see if it has leaks.

Perform an LP leak system check

We check your LP system to see if there are any leaks to the appliances, lines and fittings.

Test all appliances

We check each one of your appliances to see if it is working properly.

Test the batteries and electrical system

We check the battery terminals for wear or corrosion. Then we check the batteries for proper fluid levels. For your electrical system we make sure that everything is getting the right power and working correctly.

Torque the A/C bolts

This is to tighten your Air Conditioner and keep it secure. Over time the bolts can get loose.

Check your owners’ manual to inventory all that is needed to stay under warranty with Jayco for your RV. Make a plan to get your RV serviced regularly. Be aware of the time it could potentially take at the shop and then when its done, enjoy your travels!

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